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More and More...new parents are realising that the birth process is not only traumatic for the mother, but the baby also can suffer injury and major distress from the birth process, especially if there have been complications.
Birth is one of the most stressful events in our lives. The baby is subjected to enormous forces, by the mother pushing and the natural resistance of the birth canal.

Babies do have a remarkable ability to absorb the stresses of a normal delivery. However, some of these stresses can still be apparent, particularly in the oddly shaped skull of the newborn and the Baby’s inability to settle. These changes usually correct themselves with time however some babies experience difficulty in coping with these changes and have to live with some very uncomfortable stresses within their heads and body.

By gentle examination of the baby osteopaths can usually pinpoint problem areas which may be affecting the baby’s ability to cope, for example the baby may have muscle spasm in the diaphragm that may be affecting the ability of the baby to feed and keep food down, or constipation and wind due to poor coordination in the immature gut.

Very effective and subtle manual techniques have been developed over the years which are particularly suited to the treatment of children and babies. This gentle approach is often referred to as “Cranial Osteopathy”, although the techniques are not just limited to the head, as the term may imply.

We also know this time of life is not only difficult for the baby, the whole family is affected. Simple advice and exercises can help to ease this transition and the osteopath is usually only a phone call away.

It is now getting more and more common for new born babies to visit an osteopath for a post birth check-up to look for any areas of tension or stress that may cause discomfort to the baby. They usually find the experience extremely relaxing and soothing, and often sleep very soundly after.