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All types of work can cause stresses, and strains to the body. Working at a computer, uncomfortable seating, standing all day, driving for long periods, bending and lifting heavy items can all take its toll.

From one off acute injuries, or a build up of stress and strains from everyday life Osteopaths are trained to treat a wide variety of health problems experienced by all ages.

Common complaints treated by osteopaths include:

back and neck pain, arm and leg pain, sciatica, sports injuries, whiplash, pain associated with pregnancy, or work strains and poor posture, arthritic pain, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, muscle and ligament strains, digestive problems, and many more!

As We Get Older

Retirement can bring time for leisure, travel opportunities and interests to the older person. This is the chance to take up those sports and activities that you never had time for whilst working and bringing up your family, e.g. golf, gardening, badminton, fitness classes etc.

The body, however, has changed. As we age the body looses some of its elasticity and ability to adapt. It has also experienced injuries and postural stress during those years, often resulting in repetitive strain injuries, stiffness and degenerative changes.

Although we cannot turn back time, Osteopathy is ideally placed to help. This hands on treatment and advice will help to increase your mobility by reducing joint stiffness and improving circulation. This will help to improve and maintain your quality of life, and enable the older person to enjoy a full and active life in retirement.